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The Miami Science Museum’s Center for Interactive Learning (CIL) is a joint venture with the University of Miami, aimed at fostering the linkages between informal science education and the formal education and research community. Primary goals of the Center are:

  • To develop and test models that improve our understanding of how people learn science in informal environments
  • To bring this heightened understanding to bear on the design of programs, exhibits and experiences that provide enhanced science learning opportunities.

The Center’s programs and projects serve a diverse audience including girls, low-income youth, and other traditionally underserved groups, future and practicing teachers, early childhood educators, faculty, school leaders, and parents.

The current portfolio of CIL grants reflects the Center’s research-based orientation, with all of the projects emphasizing the development of partnerships with scientists, researchers, and university partners, and results that will feed into the design of programs, exhibits and learning spaces for the Museum’s new downtown facility, currently under development.

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